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Infants children from 6 weeks to 12 months. Experiences concentrating on large and small motor skills, beginning verbal and social skills.

Toddlers: children from 12 to 24 months. Development of small and large motor skills, verbal and social skills, seelf help skills, music, art, color, shapes, numbers, letters, and imaginative discovery skills.

PreK-2: children from 24 to 36 months. Continued development of self-help, verbal and social skills, music, art, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, discovery skills, and large and small motor skills.

PreK-3: children from 36 to 48 months. continued development of toddler skills, concepts of weather, months, days, and a variety of activities introducing the community and our environment.

PreK-4: children from 48 months. Preparing children for kindergarten entrance, the curriculum includes music, art, basic science, math, language and writing skills. Activities encourage exploration, discovery, and the development of large and small motor skills.

PreK-5: children from 48 to 60 months. Expand on the skills and independent learning of five year old. With learning objectives derived from a cross-analysis of state requirements, Curriculum for Fives features a systematic phonics approach that gives children the skills to become strong readers. Hands-on activities for language arts, science, math, and social studies provide extended opportunities for discovery.

Private Kindergarten: General goals focus on children building strong pre-reading skills, practicing letter formation, enhancing listening and communication skills, getting an introduction to basic math concepts, and acquiring an active interest in the world. A primary goal of kindergarten is to provide your child with opportunities to acquire and practice the positive learning and social behaviors necessary to be a happy, confident, successful, and contributing member of the class.  These skills will be presented, discussed, modeled, encouraged, and positively reinforced every day.  The kindergarten curriculum allows the students to explore and develop skills at their own pace.  Much of our work will be introductory and exploratory in nature.  Curriculum areas are integrated into the theme we are studying rather than being taught as isolated subjects.

Afterschool Program: We offer, before and after school care for children up to age 12. After school hours, at McGarity School of Prep are an important extension of the school day and an essential part of the educational experience for all students. Our after school program offers homework assistance, character education, outdoors activities and a relaxing, but fun-filled room full of age appropriate activities for school students. We offer transportation to local elementary schools. Please call to inquire for details.

Breaks, Summer Camp & Enrichment Classes: We offer a full-time camp during the break periods for Henry County Schools. Our camps are enrichment themed camps to give your child an opportunity to blossom in the areas of Science, Art, Music, Dance, and Technology. All of our camps teach the components of Character Education.

We also offer enrichment classes during the week for the following:
Foreign & Sign Languages:
Spanish Class:
Music Class:
Dance Class:
Eagles Literacy Program
Karate Class